NDH started as the vision of Mike Donovan, President of Nexus Services, Inc. Nexus Services reunites immigrant families facing deportation proceedings, while simultaneously helping the U.S. Government assure compliance with immigration laws. Mr. Donovan wanted to fund a law firm to fight the varied faces of injustice such as government abuse of authority and power, discrimination, corporate abuse, and fraud. Mr. Donovan's dedication and commitment to helping ensure the dignity and self-worth of human beings is upheld and strengthened, within a variety of legal and social context, has helped create positive change within entire systems as well as creating change for thousands of individual lives.

NDH cases often involve government officials, but other times they involve large corporate entities who, for example, have engaged in stock market manipulation that seriously harmed small business owners. Or a corporate/government entity that promotes and condones unconstitutional discrimination to the detriment of people's pride, work ethic, and livelihood. Consequently, NDH’s moral alignment, within a law and policy context, is to advance the full realization of the founding principles of the United States’ republican form of democracy and promote the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution ‘to extend to the previously excluded its promise of equality and justice for all.’

As a boutique law firm, we focus on a few practices areas that are commensurate with the talent of our team: constitutional and human rights cases; contract disputes and fraud cases; and employment law cases. For more on these practice areas, please see our sections dedicated to each.

Finally, NDH stands for Nexus Derechos Humanos. The phrase Derechos Humanos means “human rights” and represents NDH’s dedication to preserving and promoting individuals’ inherent dignity and self-worth by confronting and defeating the injustices facing them.