Human Rights 

Human Rights 


Promoting respect for the inherent worth of all people is the essence of human rights law. the goal is to ensure that U.S law, in consideration of human rights, has a real and positive effect on the everyday lives of all people, including minority and underserved populations. Examples of rights we would like to see entrusted to all include access to adequate housing, education, and health care, and freedom from false arrest. to accomplish this goal, our lawyers at NDH use their cases to promote broader respect for human rights.

There are a few ways our lawyers do this. first, we incorporate human rights law into our briefs, reminding courts that while the basis for their decisions ultimately lie with the u.s. statutes and U.S. constitution, courts should also incorporate global consensus on human rights where appropriate (such as the right to be free from false arrest and cruel and unusual punishment). Second, NDH lawyers advocate before the Inter-American commission on human rights (IACHR), seeking thematic hearings on key issues that confront and affect U.S residents. lastly, NDH lawyers also practice outside of the united states, working with NGOS and other organizations to promote greater respect for human rights on domestic and global levels.


If you have a case that you would like to bring before a human rights commission or if you would like to collaborate on an effort that involves human rights treatises and frameworks, please contact NDH today.