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Business Law

Business law is a broad area, involving arbitration clauses/litigations; contract disputes; national and international sales transactions that incorporate complicated agreements such as letters of credit; racketeering claims; and bankruptcy issues, to name a few. These are complicated issues that require experience. For example, many times people think contract disputes merely involve identifying breaches of contract within the written language of a particular contract. However, the intent of parties almost always comes into play and that intent can turn on the meaning of a comma, colon, or conjunctive word such as or. 

Your lawyer must understand contract formation and standard principles of contract interpretation—it’s not a straightforward issue, especially when thousands, if not millions, of dollars are on the line. That’s why we also tell everyone, get an experienced lawyer involved early during contract negotiations and get a lawyer who knows the problems associated with arcane, confusing, outdated contract language: NDH advocates the plain-English approach promoted by renowned contract expert, Kenneth Adams. To read a couple of our Complaints and briefs in this area, click here. Our of counsel, John Shoreman, also has a litany of success in this area. You can see Mr Shoreman, here.